It’s time.
Time to Sustain.

The pressure to act is now: within a decade we need to make breakthrough transformations at global scale on many sustainability fronts.

Be it drastically reducing our carbon emissions, transforming from a linear into a circular economy, regenerating our ecosystems, lifting billions out of poverty, ensuring fair standards in supply chains or using digitalization for positive social impact.

“It is abundantly clear that a much deeper, faster and more ambitious response is needed to unleash the social and economic transformation needed to achieve our 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.”

António Guterres, United Nations Secretary-General
The Sustainable Development Goals Report 2019

Startup Enabling 
for 10-times Sustainability Innovation


We need 10-times innovation for social growth of 10 billion people with 80% less environmental impact by 2050. Our focus is on 10-times innovation working globally by design, using digitalization to scale, built as companies with sustainable business models.

Deep in//Sustainability and Digital

We care about deep triple-bottom-line sustainability. We integrate social, economic and environmental perspective by design with 20+ years of experience. And we think and act digital. We build our own ideas and invite startup teams and corporate innovation teams to join.

It's Time.//Time-to-Impact

Time is critical: one decade remains for major changes to be made. We focus on innovation and company building processes with fast time to market and measurable impact.

Empower each company to lift up sustainability performance

Company decisions influence majority of sustainability challenges. For example almost 70% of greenhouse gas emissions are related to company decisions.

Still only a small number of companies have systematic processes and tools to improve their sustainability decisions and performance. While investors, customers and the the public are increasingly asking for transparency.

score4more’s 10-times mission is to scale sustainability performance management to the majority of companies in Europe and internationally.
score4more is a sustainability performance improvement solution built on EU compliance reporting standards, allowing companies to report and assess their sustainability performance and use results for continuous improvement and as sustainability passport with investors, customers and the public.

Learn concrete sustainability measures in 5 minutes

Company decisions influence the majority of sustainability challenges. Today in major fields such as climate change, a vast number of best practices is already available, where 20 measures make 80% of the positive impact for a specific company

Still it is very complex for companies to identify what are the company-specific relevant measures in a concrete and actionable way. Search engine results are either to generic, not fitting or too complex information.

twenty4future’s 10-times mission is to drastically simplify and speed up the process, to identify, select and implement relevant sustainability measures for a company along major fields of the transformation.
It allows to identify measure gaps, evaluate measures, make own pledges, share the status with stakeholders, learn from peers having implemented best practices already and to have access to ready-to-use solution provider material for selection process.


Turn products into things that count

GoodsTag connects physical goods to digital applications and the internet easily. Companies can create and provide verified information and trustful touchpoints along the entire product lifecycle. GoodsTag empowers the shift to a circular economy for consumers, retailers and producers.

time2sustain collaborates as sustainability and impact advisor with GoodsTag.

Sustainability-driven Impact Innovation

Sustainability Challenge

We start with global sustainability challenges from a bigger picture and holistic perspective coming from research and studies as well as system analysis.

User Problem & Experience

We then look at individual customer segments and users to understand their perspective to the challenge and reasons for acting/not acting on the specific challenge.

Solutions & Business Model

We ideate digital-empowered solutions to solve user problems with a 10-times ambition level, meaning improving user problems and sustainability challenge by factor 10. Solutions are designed scalable with a sustainable business model.

Prototype & Testing

We support prototypes and test it with pilot customers and user groups in iterative circles. Prototypes are refined until they are ready and scalable for the market.


We use our partner network, social media and effective go-to-market approaches to launch innovations in the market.

Growth & Impact

We focus on growth and form stand-alone companies to reach impact at international scale.

Finance &

We support startups with financial and investment planning as well as a consulting services.

Time to
stock up

As investor, startup team, employee or partner. We look for people to work with us together on the challenge.


with us.

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